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Miles CPA Review is the premier provider of CPA education in India and the Middle East. Miles offers high-energy CPA Exam review courses. Also, coursework for candidates who don’t yet meet the CPA USA requirements and supports students’ CPA license process. Miles offers supportive job placement assistance.

Number of MCQs: 8,000+ | Number of TBSs: 500+ | Number of Videos: 130+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Video Lectures | Hours of Training: 200+ Hours Classroom Training | Access Length: Varies—See Article | Cost: $1,599

Why You Should Pick Miles CPA Review

Miles is an excellent tool for CPA candidates who want face-to-face classroom instruction in India or the Middle East.

  • The Miles videos and in-person training sessions are energetic and high quality.
  • Miles CPA Review offers unique assistance with navigating the complicated CPA licensure process for international candidates.
  • The program is designed especially for those in India and the Middle East.
  • Miles has job placement services to help their students find employment in the Big 4 and other multinational corporations.

Background of Miles CPA

Miles Education is India’s largest CPA review provider. Also, the company provides training for the CMA Exam, business and data analytics, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies like blockchains and robotic process automation.

Founded by alumni from Harvard and Stanford universities, Miles wanted to give students located in India and adjacent countries more training opportunities in the accounting space.

Today, the company has a presence in India, the UAE, and the United States and serves the global market through its online coursework.

The Miles Philosophy

It is Miles Education’s mission to make students “future-ready.” Therefore, they are dedicated to helping CPA candidates in every step of their early career: from education to the CPA licensure process. Miles Education helps their students through the entire process, through to job placement – once they have their CPA license in hand.

Miles provides unparalleled support to international students pursuing the US CPA license.

Overview of Miles CPA Review

Miles has two education packages: the Miles CPA Review Course and an online postgraduate degree. The online post-graduate degree program is offered through a partnership with Amity University. Specifically, it’s catered to India CPA students and other candidates in the Middle East. However, this program is also available to any CPA candidate across the globe.

Miles CPA Review Courses

The Miles CPA Review Course is offered either online or in-person. All students get the Miles concept books (one for each part of the CPA Exam) and access to the Miles LMS (learning management system). Students can then choose to attend in-person or online sessions.

Classroom Sessions

Typically, face-to-face instruction is available in 9 cities in India and the UAE.

The company places a strong emphasis on the in-person sessions. Face-to-face instruction in a classroom setting is becoming increasingly uncommon in a CPA review market that is mostly geared toward online courses. However, Miles feels that “students learn best in the classroom when interacting with the instructor and their peers.”

Please note: The classroom sessions are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Miles will resume classroom sessions when India’s lockdown is lifted.

Online Sessions

Miles Education offers online sessions. If students cannot attend the in-person sessions because of distance or other time commitments, they can opt for the online package.

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting with Amity University

Miles understands that some CPA India students might not quite have the education hours needed to sit for the CPA Exam or to obtain their CPA license.

Depending on the jurisdiction, nearly every board of accountancy require candidates to have 150 hours of education credits, which is equal to a master’s degree at a U.S. institution. However, more and more jurisdictions are moving to a “150-hour rule,” leaving some candidates scrambling to find additional college-level courses.

So, Miles Education has partnered with Amity University to offer an online Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting. This diploma, which is equivalent to 30 US college credit hours, can get candidates the additional education needed for the CPA license. Therefore, you can think of it as a “bridge course” that can get you ready for the CPA USA exam and license.

The diploma’s curriculum was developed by Miles Education’s CPA instructors. The content is mapped to the CPA Exam Blueprint and covers about 60% of what you’ll need to know to pass the exam. This means that students in the post-graduate program won’t have to waste their time with extra studies.

Features of Miles CPA Review Courses

1.   CPA Concept Books

The CPA Concept Books, published by Wiley, cover the content of the CPA Exam. The books are easy to follow and use thorough examples to break down complicated problems.

2.    Miles Online Test Bank

When you sign up for Miles CPA, you’ll get access to the Miles LMS (Learning Management System), an online test bank with 8,000+ MCQs (multiple-choice questions), and 500+ practice simulations.

3.    Pre-Recorded Video Lectures

Miles CPA has over 130 hours of pre-recorded videos, all led by the always enthusiastic and never-boring Varun Jain, CPA, CMA, and alumnus of Harvard Business School. The videos either cover “concepts on the whiteboard” or “annotations on your book.”

4.    Live Webinars

If you opt for the online option, you’ll get access to 70+ hours of live online training offered over 18 Saturday sessions. In each session, which lasts just under 4 hours, Varun Jain reviews the most critical concepts covered on the CPA Exam.

5.    Access Length

Miles CPA gives you access to the Miles LMS for 18 months. You’ll have access to the Miles concept videos for 18 months or can watch each video up to 5 times. However, you can attend classroom and webinar trainings until you pass the CPA Exam.

Miles Student Services

Miles CPA offers services that no other CPA Exam review course provides. These services are tailored for international students seeking a US CPA credential. The unique services offered at no additional charge to enrolled students include:

CPA Eligibility Check

To become a CPA, you must meet specific benchmarks established by the AICPA and each jurisdiction’s Board of Accountancy, which generally include the 3 E’s:

  • Education: Receive 120-150 credit hours (or the equivalent) from a college or university; however, nearly every state board has adopted a 150 credit hour requirement
  • Experience: Have a minimum number of hours of direct and verifiable CPA-related experience
  • Exam: Pass the 4-part CPA Exam with an 18-month rolling window from the date you passed your first part

Some jurisdictions add a 4th E – Ethics – and require candidates to pass an exam that addresses ethical considerations in the accounting field.

Miles CPA staffs a team of CPAs called the Gameplan team, who understand the licensure requirements and provides a preliminary in-house CPA eligibility check for all Miles students, free of charge. With this check, potential CPA candidates can learn if they need additional training or experience before pursuing the CPA license.

CPA Gameplan Team

Unlike other CPA Exam review providers, Miles helps students with all of the not-so-little details and paperwork of becoming a CPA.

The Miles CPA Gameplan Team helps international candidates select a foreign academic credentials evaluation agency to verify appropriate academic experience gained outside the United States. They also assist with CPA Exam scheduling and help candidates obtain their NTS (Notice to Schedule).

Assistance Selecting a State Board

CPAs can apply for their license in any of the 55 jurisdictions in the United States (the 50 states and 5 territories that award the CPA license). Additionally, CPAs can work anywhere on the globe. The jurisdictions have slightly different requirements to get the CPA license, so it’s important for international candidates to pick the right jurisdiction.

For example, some boards require candidates to work under the direct supervision of a CPA for a certain number of years, which can be difficult for international candidates. However, some states mandate work experience that is verified by a licensed and active CPA.

Since this web of requirements can be difficult to follow, Miles helps candidates find the Board of Accountancy that best fit their unique situation.


Miles has full-time licensed CPAs on staff. These licensed CPAs can verify your professional accounting experience as required for the CPA license. Many CPA candidates working outside of the United States report it can be challenging to find a licensed and qualified CPA to verify their work hours, so this is a valuable resource.


Miles partners with Amity University. By partnering with Amity University to offer a bridge course—a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting—Miles helps students finish up the education requirement for CPA licensure.

Job Placement

After you have your CPA license in hand, Miles will even help you land that first big job. Miles maintains close relationships with recruiters from the Big 4 and other MNCs (multinational corporations) in India to help you network and identify opportunities. Thousands of CPAs start their career on the right track with the help of Miles.

Miles CPA Cost

When you compare Miles CPA Review to some of the other top courses on the market, it’s quite a good value. The CPA review is $1,599 before discounts, and that includes:

  • The Miles CPA books.
  • Access to Miles LMS online test bank.
  • Either live instruction or access to Varun’s CPA videos and live online webinars.

The CPA Bridge Course with Amity University is about $400-$425 (INR 30,000) to earn the equivalent of 30 US semester hours.

Best Parts of Miles CPA Review

Going through some of the best parts of the Miles CPA Review, it is important to consider the principal instructor Varun Jain and the quality videos. Let’s go through all of the best aspects of the Miles CPA Review:

1.    Principal Instructor Varun Jain

All of the video lectures feature instructor Varun Jain. Varun graduated from Harvard Business School and has both the CPA and CMA credentials. Honestly, Varun’s videos are anything but boring. He clearly has a passion for teaching accounting, and that comes through in his energetic lectures.

2.    Amazing Customer Support

Miles helps candidates navigate the often frustrating path to getting the CPA license. From gaining those last few education hours to verifying work experience and selecting a Board of Accountancy, Miles stays with you every step of the way.

3.    Keeps You on Track

Miles CPA has a fixed schedule of in-person sessions and online training webinars. If you stay on top of your studies and stick to their review plan, expect success. Miles Education can “get you ready for the CPA Exam in just 12 months”, according to their website.

4.    Free Videos

Miles has posted 8 full-length videos on the company’s website. These videos serve as a sort of free trial.

Even if you’ve already signed up for another CPA Exam review course, I strongly suggest you check out these videos. Varun Jain’s use of humor keeps things interesting, and his passion for accounting is infectious!

Limitations of Miles CPA Review

The Miles CPA Review does have some cons:

1.    Catered for Certain CPA Candidates

The entire program caters toward students in India and the Middle East. Therefore, if you are not living or studying in these regions, you might not need some of their services like assistance with scheduling your CPA Exam or verifying your education hours if you went to college in the United States. However, the course is open to candidates everywhere, even in the US. All CPA candidates can benefit from the Miles CPA course, including the high-energy and helpful videos, regardless of the country in which they reside.

2.    Video Access Limitations

The Miles concept videos are of high quality. However, some students find it disappointing that access is limited to 18 months. Plus, you can only watch each video 5 times. If you take good notes, 5 views should be enough. It would be nice to have the option to have unlimited viewings since the videos are so outstanding.

Miles CPA Review FAQs

What are the Miles CPA fees?

The Miles CPA review course is $1,599 before discounts.

Does Miles CPA expire?

Some of the Miles CPA offerings expire, but some do not. You’ll have access to the Miles LMS (online test bank) for 18 months. You can watch the Miles concept vides for 18 months or for 5 views per video, whichever comes first. However, you can go to the in-person classroom sessions or sit through webinar trainings until you pass.

Is Miles CPA Enough to Pass the CPA Exam?

Miles provides ample study materials and opportunities. With high-quality videos, an ample test bank, outstanding support, and plenty of opportunities to attend in-person training sessions or online webinars, Miles should provide enough study materials to allow you to pass the CPA Exam.

What Is the Miles CPA Pass Rate?

Like other CPA review courses, Miles does not publish the pass rates of its students. However, very few CPA courses publish their pass rates. And of those that do, the results are not audited by third-party organizations.

Is Miles Only for Students in India and the Middle East?

Miles CPA programs are open to students anywhere!

Many aspects of the Miles program – especially the additional support services – are geared toward students in India and the Middle East. Despite this, the programs are open to all students across the globe. Anyone can take advantage of the high energy Miles online videos and webinars! If you are someone who learns best by watching video lectures, Miles could be a good choice for you.

Are There Any Miles CPA USA Classes?

No. Miles does not currently offer in-person training in the United States. However, US-based students can enroll in all online courses and attend online webinars.

My Miles CPA Review Recommendation

Miles Education offers a unique program and it’s the only one available to fully cater to every step of the CPA process.

The Miles program is specifically designed to help students and India and the Middle East start their careers as CPAs. In conclusion, if you received your education outside of the US or plan to work for the Big 4 or another major company in that region, Miles CPA might be the review course for you.

Similarly, if you are an international CPA candidate, please sign up for my FREE e-course to get your career started today. And, regular readers who have enrolled in the Miles CPA review sessions, I would love to hear feedback and your experiences!

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