MBA vs CPA – What is the best option?

MBA vs CPA: What is the Best Option?

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Today I will talk about “MBA vs CPA – What is the best option?”

This is one of the trickiest decision to make – which is the best option for career advancement. It took me long to decide about it.

There are various factors which should be kept in mind when deciding about the course, such as investment of time and money, value of the qualification, future perspective, market demand so on. It all depends on the career path which an individual wants to choose.

The Prerequisite

There are requirements for obtaining the CPA that entail a certain number of hours in accounting simply to be eligible to sit. On the other hand getting an MBA requires acceptance into an MBA program.

Career Choice

If you are considering a future in management or consulting with a financial services firm, or working as a security analyst, investment banker or venture capitalists, an MBA might be your best choice. If your dreams for the future include working as a controller, CFO, financial analyst or auditor, a CPA certification is practically a must. Director, VP and C level accounting & finance roles are also where having both can be very helpful.

In the current scenario CPA is a most popular qualification which is in demand across the world. Most of the accountants have a CPA and there’s a large number of people those who are pursuing the same, in order to sustain in the competitive market.

My Choice

I did MBA but I chose Audit profile for work. Though this is not a great move but that was a need of the hour. Having said that and after having more than 4 years of experience in audit, I feel comfortable and enjoy working in audit profile. In order to grow in this industry and in my profile, I will have to do an accounting qualification that’s the reason I chose CPA. For me MBA and CPA will be a deadly combination for future perspective.

This decision varies from individual to individual but it is really important to figure out the right combination/qualification for future growth and development.

Watch out for my next blog next week. Till then do whatever you want to do. Do double but don’t trouble your mom.

Note from Stephanie

Great post! This MBA CPA decision is on many of our minds. It’s not an easy decision to make especially if one has not decided which career path to take. I also wrote a couple of articles on this topic:

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