I Pursued CPA Because…

pursued cpaNeha is our very first blogger! She is from Jersey City, New Jersey. She writes for us every Friday.

Did I tell you, my brain works reverse cycle!! Typically, people complete CPA and then get bored of their monotonous auditing/accounting job! I got bored and pursued CPA! 🙂

Although boredom was the catalyst which got me exploring avenues where I could channelize my time and efforts; I decided to pursue CPA for its reputation and for the edge it provides, against other tax lawyers and accountants.

Having a background in international tax laws, I decided to pursue CPA for it would help me to appreciate and contrast the US tax laws from that of Indian tax laws. Being able to find a job in the USA was of course another major reason, but my undying passion for tax laws of different jurisdiction was what attracted me the most towards this most coveted qualification.

CPA has changed my life in more than one way! Other than adding value to my Resume, it helped me discover and develop my inner strength and determination. I was oblivious of my ‘Never say Die’ attitude until I started preparing for CPA. It has given me a new perspective about life that nothing is impossible if you dedicate yourself towards achieving it.

Having to see that dreadful 74 in my mock test sure knocked me off my feet, but that failure made me do things beyond by capacity and that determination somehow extended my limits. Believe me, there is strength hidden in your failures!

My lovely readers, I’d love to know what made you pursue CPA. What was that precise moment in your life when you decided this is it, I have to become a CPA!! I would love to hear your story! My fellow blogger, Sumit has already shared his story with the world and if you haven’t already, you can read his story on this link.

Translate ‘I’m done doing CPA’ to ‘I finally did CPA’! Just hop back up on your feet and try again!

Remember the mantra:  One section at a time!

Until next time, Ciao!!

Neha R

Note from Stephanie

You know what, I do get emails from readers saying they go for the CPA for personal development. Some of them ended up getting a lot more than expected — new recognition from peers, unexpected job offers etc. Lots of amazing stories.

You may have read my story, but the reason why I took the exam is because my boss challenged me to pass the exam on my first try, just like she did 10 years ago then. I took the challenge. The decision changed my life 🙂

Readers, love to hear your side of the story! Type away…

About the Author Neha R

Neha lives with her family in New Jersey. She passed the CPA exam in 2014 and is currently pursuing LLM in Taxation from New York Law School.

  • Dipesh Shah says:

    Neha, yours is such an interesting story.

    I am an Indian commerce graduate wanting to get some details about CPA as I am unable to make any conclusion on some queries regarding the course.
    Can you please help me out?
    Such help from you may turn out to be fruitful for my career.

    • Neha R says:

      Hi Dipesh!

      First of all, deciding to pursue CPA is an excellent decision!

      I would be glad to answer your queries to the best of my capabilities! Please let me know what you wish to know!


      Neha R

      • rajesh says:

        Hi neha how’s going happy holidays I m also commerce graugute from india have different stream education I have 3 years b.com ,2 year master in information technology. 1 year post graduation in bussiness management HR. So this eduction qualifications. I also doing erp sap consultant certification.but I want cpa us . I try cpa canada which very expensive and longer process.i decided to go for cpa us . I want to is o m elegible for write exam . Which state is best for me for write the exam . Thank for read my post .I waiting for your reply.
        rajesh from toronto.

  • SARA says:

    Hello ,
    I have a foreign bachelor degree in Economics , I evaluated my degree and I got the equivalence to US bachelor and my total semester units are 125 my question is, do i need an additional units to take to be eligible for CPA ?and which books do you recommend to study ?
    Thank you

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Sara, you will need to take 25 credit hours of general higher education to get qualified. Some states let you take the exam and fulfill this requirement at the same time. Also, these courses can be non-degree and in any subject you like (provided that within your 125 credit hours you have got enough accounting and business credits)

      I generally recommend online review courses these days, as the exam itself is 100% computerized. Please take a look here: https://ipassthecpaexam.com/cpa-exam-review-courses/

  • Jeet says:

    Hi Neha,
    You words are amazing. I am from India. Pls. help me to figure out from which state I can do cpa, and I want give my exam from UAE.

    • Neha R says:

      Hi Jeet!

      Thank you very much for the appreciation!

      If you are not certain about the state you can give the CPA exam from, you may make use of the NSABA International Evaluation Services (NIES). NIES provides academic evaluation services for applicants who have completed education outside the United States for CPA examination and license.

      In case of undecided jurisdiction, you can submit an online application for an ‘UNDECIDED APPLICATION’ and NIES will evaluate your international education and provide the best options for getting approval for the CPA Examination and licensure based on the education you have completed. You can read more about the same on the following links:



      Hope it helps!


      Neha R

      • Kanchan says:

        Hi Neha,

        I love your story!

        I have a query, I would be great if you have some suggestions.

        I have completed B.Com in 2005 and MBA major in Finance in 2007 from India. So I have completed 5 years of regular studies. However after reading on AICPA and NASBA website I am still not clear whether I am eligible for appearing in CPA Exam or not. Since last five years after completing my studies I have been working with banking sector on the credit side.(Mortgage Loans/lending).

        Pls advice me that whether I should approach NIES through undecided application.

        Your advice will definitely going to help in my carrier.


  • Raju Bandari says:

    hi Neha ,
    good advise and iam also from india having same query .

  • Vishaka says:

    Hay Neha I am a commerce graduate well i came to know about US CPA/CMA courses
    But as it is a certified course not a degree like CA/CS/INDIAN CMA.
    Can you guide me is it safe and trustworthy to do US CMA/CPA from Miles r Eduprite

    Your response will be helpful.

    Awaiting for your response.

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Not sure if Neha will check her comment section as she is now busy on her master’s… I don’t think she took classes from Miles or Eduprite as she lives in New Jersey. Regards, Stephanie

  • PH says:

    Dear Neha/Stephanie,
    First of all, thank you Soo much from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement and support you both are providing and especially Stephanie, your forums are almost everywhere I search ?, great efforts and good work
    I came from India 5 months back. I was doing my CA final and completed my articleship from one of the big 4’s. As soon as I came here I found that CMA is a course with least entry barriers and I did that and cleared both the parts a few days back. Now that I am done with CMA(of course I still have experience requirements to be fulfilled) I want to take up something else considering the fact that I cannot work with my existing immigration status( F2, awaiting my H4 with EAD lottery) . After due research I understand that taking CPA even though I crave for it a lot seems nearly impossible with my existing level of education (bcom and ca intermediate) and doing a post graduation here is expensive and time consuming. It would be very helpful if you can advice me on any alternatives through which I can do cpa or should I stop dreaming about the impossible and do CIA which would restrict my career within internal audit. I am open to any career relating to audit(internal or external), tax,law, worst case management as well. I have a little aversion to investment banking and IT.
    PS : we don’t intent to stay in the US for more than 3-4 years.

    • Ruchi Agrawal says:


      I am also in the same boat as yours.I did ca inter and bcom from India.Pursuing FRM here but do not have much inclination towards Financial risk related jobs.CPA eligiblity is too much in our situtaion so thinking what we should do best ?

  • >