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HOCK CMA Review recently unveiled HOCK stream, a monthly subscription service that offers CMA videos, instructor access, and other CMA preparation materials. Does everyone need this CMA exam supplement, though? Well, HOCK provided me with a first-look preview of this new package. So in this post, I’ll share my thoughts about using HOCK stream. I’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the HOCK stream service. Plus, if you want to test this subscription yourself, I’ve posted some HOCK CMA discounts at the end.

Background of HOCK International CMA Review

HOCK International has been helping professionals pass their CMA exams since 2003. The company offers comprehensive CMA preparation courses, some of the best on the market. In fact, HOCK is among our top CMA courses for 2023, especially for those who learn best visually because of HOCK’s great videos. Many of the CMA videos are hosted by Brian Hock, who has many years of experience developing CMA study materials.

HOCK Stream Logo - IPasstheCPAExam.comHOCK’s New CMA Streaming Service

HOCK stream is a brand-new monthly subscription for candidates studying to pass the CMA exam. This service incorporates two of the most well-liked features of HOCK’s full CMA courses, including instructor-led videos and one-on-one support from experts.

The HOCK stream service contains the following:

  • Classroom-style videos called “CMA with Brian Hock”
  • CMA MCQ and essay practice videos
  • Step-by-step video lectures, all led by HOCK’s experts
  • CMA short courses
  • A catalog of all CMA HOCK videos
  • The option to participate in a private social network of other CMA candidates studying with HOCK
  • Plus, live office hours (via Zoom) with a HOCK CMA expert are available

HOCK Stream’s CMA Study Materials

1. HOCK step-by-step CMA videos and “CMA with Brian Hock”

To begin with, the HOCK stream membership lets you access all of the HOCK instructional videos, including step-by-step videos and the “CMA with Brian Hock” series. These brief videos are great for CMA preparation because they thoroughly explain and simplify the exam topics. That is, they are a good resource for all CMA candidates, but especially for those new to management accounting.

2. CMA essays and questions video reviews

HOCK has produced a series of videos that help users understand how to answer the CMA essays and multiple-choice questions (MCQs). I appreciate these videos because having the HOCK instructors walk you through different approaches to solving the CMA exam questions is helpful. As a result, if you’re retaking the CMA exam, watching the HOCK videos could be a good study aid—the HOCK instructors might show you some tips that help you get the extra points you need to pass the exam.

3. HOCK’s short courses for the CMA exam

With this subscription, you can also participate in the CMA HOCK short courses. Each CMA exam lecture segment includes a HOCK study guide covering the essential concepts you need to understand to pass your exams. Also, the HOCK instructors walk through sample CMA essays and multiple-choice questions. I think the videos about the essays are especially useful for candidates who struggle with writing. And the more you practice the CMA essays, the better you get!

4. Office hours with HOCK’s CMA experts

When I started reviewing this new HOCK service, I was pleased to learn about the live office hours. The CMA experts at HOCK (all of whom are excellent instructors) really “sit” in an online office during established office hours. You can videoconference with them during this time to ask questions face-to-face. Having this level of personal study support is almost like having a one-on-one CMA exam tutor, but for a much more affordable cost.

5. Social/study support via the HOCK CMA members network

When you sign up for HOCK stream, you can also join a social network that is only accessible to subscribers. Actually, HOCK has two groups: one is for users studying for CMA Part 1, and the other is for candidates focusing on CMA Part 2. The HOCK stream website provides direct access to this network, and linking up with other CMA candidates is easy. You can ask questions of other members, find a study partner, and get support from the community when you’re under pressure to pass the CMA exam.

HOCK Stream Subscription - IPasstheCPAExam.com

Strengths of HOCK Stream for CMA Candidates

1. Classroom-like CMA videos

If you’ve ever tried to use CMA videos for study purposes, you know how unbelievably boring they can be. And a boring video makes it tough to learn anything. I think studying with CMA videos that don’t hold your attention is a waste of your time.

But HOCK is known for creating CMA videos that are educational yet not boring. I think it’s because of two things. First, the instructors teach you the CMA-related topics in a classroom-like setting. (In contrast, some providers solely rely on PowerPoint-type presentations that just put me to sleep.) And second, the HOCK instructors seem to enjoy teaching. In fact, many of the HOCK videos are hosted by Brian Hock himself! Brian has lots of experience in the classroom and is adept at breaking down complex topics into digestible pieces of information. I appreciate the extra effort HOCK put into building its video library. And with HOCK stream, you can view every single CMA video that HOCK has ever created.

Moreover, the HOCK videos are subtitled (CC), a feature I think all candidates should use. Because you will be both reading and hearing the concepts while watching the videos, all the concepts will be reinforced. As a result, the HOCK CMA videos are good for visual and audio learners alike.

2. Mobile Device Friendly

You can use your PC or a mobile device to access the HOCK stream service whenever you have an internet connection. In addition, HOCK has created apps for both Android and iOS gadgets. I tried HOCK stream on my phone, and it was just as easy to use as it was on my desktop computer! Because of this, it’s convenient to download the app and prepare for the CMA exam whenever and wherever you have some free time.

3. HOCK Gives You a Free Trial

If HOCK stream interests you, you can join a free one-week trial! To get started, you only need your name and email. You’ll receive a reminder from HOCK at the end of your trial before your subscription begins. And if the service doesn’t suit your learning style, you won’t receive a sales pitch at the conclusion of your trial, either. So you might as well register for the free trial – you have nothing to lose.

Limitations of HOCK Stream

1. Not a full CMA review course (but GREAT as a CMA supplement)

Despite the numerous benefits of the HOCK streaming service, remember that it is most effective when used as a CMA exam supplement. That is, it isn’t a comprehensive review course. As a result, it lacks a lot of written study resources like a CMA textbook. A CMA test bank of MCQs (multiple-choice questions) is also unavailable with this subscription. You should also note that HOCK stream lacks full-length CMA exam examples, preventing you from taking a timed mock exam (one of my best exam study tips).

Nonetheless, the HOCK stream subscription might be a really useful complement to your CMA training. Just be sure to combine it with one of the best CMA review courses. (Obviously, the HOCK CMA study materials are on that list!)

Cost of HOCK Stream CMA Videos + Support

A monthly HOCK stream membership is just $29. But an annual subscription, which costs $299, will save you some money if you know you’ll be preparing for the CMA exam for at least a year. Regardless of what option you choose, you can cancel at any time.

HOCK stream prices

  • $29 per month for a HOCK CMA stream membership
  • $299 for a yearly subscription to HOCK stream

Also, I have HOCK CMA discounts, including a special CMA stream discount available only to I Pass readers!

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HOCK CMA Reviews: My Thoughts about HOCK CMA Stream

No matter where you are in your CMA journey, HOCK stream has something for everyone studying for the CMA exam. HOCK stream is a helpful tool for anyone wishing to complement their CMA studies, regardless of whether they are a CMA novice, almost ready for their CMA test date, or failed their first attempt. Plus, it’s an affordable CMA exam supplement option, making studying on the go easier than ever.

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