Female Accountants and Their 5 Must-Read Topics

female accountantsI try not to label my readers by creed, color and gender, but over the years I’ve come across some interesting articles for female accountants.

Though it would be nice to list them in one convenient place.

Male and Female Ratio in Accounting

There are more women than men in accounting, at least in the US. Around 60% of the profession is now female.

The major reason, I believe, is that there are simply more girls taking accounting as a major. The nature of work also allows them to smoothly transition into motherhood; that is, they don’t need to leave the workforce after having children. Technology has also helped: professionals can now work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

Female CPAs and CFOs

The progress doesn’t mean all glass ceiling has been broken. As of 2011, only 21% of partners at accounting firms were women. In the last 15 years (from 2000 to 2015), there were only 30 more woman CFOs among Fortune 500 companies.

Gender Difference in Accounting Salary

At the same time, there is still a compensation gap when it comes to salary level.

The best source I can find on this topic comes from the annual IMA US salary survey. The 680 survey respondents are IMA members with the vast majority working in accounting. 2/3 are male and the rest are female.

According to the report, women earn around 80% of that of men. The difference at median is US$20K for salary, and US$28K for total compensation.

The gender gap has been consistent for the 25 years since the IMA survey is run, with slightly improvement since 2010. The gap for younger professionals is also smaller than that of the older generation. Please refer to IMA’s full report for details.

What do Female Accountants Wear?

On a light-hearted note, what do female accountants wear at work? How do you balance between professionalism and fashion, or can you achieve both?

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