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How to Study Effectively for Exams: My 9 Tips for Success

This is my second post series on how to study for the CPA exam with young children around. I’d like to share my observations based on the stories of these amazing moms and dads, as well as from my daily conversations with aspiring CPAs. How to Study Effectively for Exams When It Seems Impossible 1. […]

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How to Study with Children Around: 17 Stories from Moms and Dads

I’ve gathered stories of aspiring CPAs who are parents of young children, mostly from Jeff’s as well as sharing from my readers. All names are alias to protect their privacy. Mom and dad candidates, you are AMAZING. My hat’s off to you! How to Study with Children Around (according to Moms) 1. Susan (Two […]

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CPA Exam Location: How to Apply in One State and Take Test in Another

There are many reasons why a candidate wants to register for the exam in one state and physically take the exam in another. For example, an international candidate finds New Hampshire the most favorable in the qualification requirement, but since his cousin lives in California, he wants to go to CA for the exam. Another […]

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CPA Exam Two-Tier States: Which are the Remaining States?

Looking for the remaining CPA Exam two-tier states? Or trying to understand the CPA license vs certificate? I hope the following will shed some light on these states and the important points you should know. As of July 2015 when Montana changed its rules, it is difficult for international candidates to get a CPA certificate. […]

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Ultimate CPA Exam Prep Strategies and Last-Minute Tips on Exam Day

know when you're ready to sit for the cpa exam

We all want to pass the CPA exam on our first attempt. How can we study and get prepared in the most efficient and effective way? Here are my CPA exam tips for you.  CPA Exam Tips on Efficient Studying The more efficient you are, the less time required to complete the preparation. Additionally, you […]

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CPA Application Process: What to Expect after Submitting the Form

Now that you have submitted the form, you have officially started your CPA application process! In this post I am going to help you plan ahead by getting prepared for the actual examination. For those who are just about to start the process, read these posts on steps to become a CPA or CPA application […]

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