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Do CPA Exam Credits Expire? Dates, Rules, and Remedies

Passing the US CPA Exam is one of the greatest career accomplishments for accountants, and you certainly don’t want your CPA credits to expire. But after passing the exam, the CPA journey is not over—you’ll have to fulfill the licensing requirements to claim the CPA certification. In addition to passing the CPA Exam, almost all […]

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Taking All 4 CPA Exam Sections at Once: Smart or Crazy?

What’s the best strategy for passing all four CPA Exam parts in an amount of time that fits both your lifestyle and the AICPA’s timing restrictions? Should you spread the sections out over a few months, or is it better to take multiple CPA exams at once? Well, it depends on how much time you […]

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CPA Exam Written Communication Tips: 7 Steps toward Success

If you’re getting ready to take the CPA Exam, these CPA Exam Written Communication tips will help you study. Commonly known as “the essays,” the section is one part of the exam that worries people. The grading on the CPA Exam writing section is not as black-and-white as the multiple-choice questions, so the CPA Written […]

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CPA Exam Credit Transfer: General Rule and Process

cpa exam credit transfer

Many candidates want to know if a CPA Exam credit transfer is possible between the states. If you’re one of these candidates, you can use this information to learn the background, general rules, and process for a CPA Exam credit transfer. CPA Exam Credit Transfer: An Overview First of all, we need to understand the […]

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CPA Exam NTS: Samples, 3 Common Issues and Solutions

You may have come across a term called NTS quite often in your CPA journey. What exactly is NTS? What’s the significance? The CPA Exam NTS Stands for Notice To Schedule The NTS is issued by NASBA. It is your approval ticket to sit for the CPA exam in the US. This is the authorization […]

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CPA Exam Score Review and Score Appeal

Have you ever thought, “Should I appeal my CPA grade?” If you ever get a 74 or face losing a section credit as your 18-month window comes to a close, you might be very tempted to take this step. But the truth is that requesting a CPA Exam score appeal or score review is rarely […]

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Here is Your Bonus…

Thanks again for purchasing the Wiley CPA Testbank from us. Your support is crucial to keep our site running. As promised, here are the multiple choice “guessing tips” for your reference. We should properly prepare for our exam, of course, but there are times when a question comes way out of left field and you […]

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Should I Study for the CPA Exam in a Coffee Shop?

Studying and coffee seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Therefore, studying in a coffee shop may seem like the perfect place. In fact, many students of all education levels from high school to doctoral programs study in cafes. They may like the atmosphere or the background noise, or they may need a […]

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CPA Exam Gifts: 10 Awesome Ideas

Fancy some CPA Exam gifts? Studying for the CPA Exam can be a daunting task. So, you might want to have little things around the house to cheer you up. Or, you may be shopping for gifts for someone who passed the CPA Exam. Either way, I have ideas for unique and practical CPA gifts. […]

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