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5 Types of Tax Preparers

The business world needs the specialized expertise of tax preparers. But did you know that based on their credentials, tax preparers fall into 5 categories? In this article, I’ll review each type and explain their differences. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of pursuing each according to your career goals.  Categories of Tax Preparers […]

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What Is a CPA & What Does a CPA Do? The Job of a Certified Public Accountant

what is a cpa

As an occupant of the world of accounting, you probably know that the letters CPA stand for Certified Public Accountant. You may also know that such individuals possess unparalleled expertise in accounting, auditing, and other areas of finance due to their fulfillment of the CPA requirements. And with this expertise comes impressive career advantages, as […]

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ACCA vs CPA (USA): Which Is Better for Your Career?

If you are an accountant and are working towards a prestigious qualification, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) may come to mind.  However, my readers have a lot of questions about the ACCA to CPA credentials. Should you go for ACCA vs CPA? Or, what if you have ACCA and […]

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CPA Salary Guide: Earning Power from Junior Accountants to Partners

Before you go into accounting, it is natural to ponder about the future of the profession and accountants’ salaries.  And for those who are already accountants, you might be wondering if it is worthwhile to pursue the CPA credential and whether the hard-earned qualification will bring tangible benefits like higher accounting pay. Accountants love statistics […]

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Master’s Degree vs CPA: Which Is Better for My Career?

Readers often ask me the benefits of getting a master’s degree vs CPA. The answer is actually quite complex. Master’s Degree vs CPA By master’s degree, I refer to the advanced degree for accountants, such as master’s in accounting (MAcc) or taxation, and to a lesser extent, a master’s degree in finance or business administration […]

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CPA with CFA, CMA, or MBA: Does It Make Sense?

cpa with cfa

“I am now a CPA. Should I go for a CFA or MBA?” Well, it depends on your choice of career path. As a professional accountant, you have several different tracks to consider. Additional credentials require a substantial investment in time and money. Plus, those credentials may or may not bring you higher job satisfaction […]

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Why Become a CPA: The 5 Great Benefits

What are the major CPA benefits? Well, becoming a CPA is a dream goal for many accountants. After all, it is a designation that is synonymous with accounting for many in the field. One of the major benefits of CPA licenses is that they open up industry doors that are closed to un-licensed accountants. The […]

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CPA Certificate vs License: What’s the Difference?

cpa certification vs license

Readers are often confused about the CPA certificate vs license. So, I am going to highlight the differences below. But, remember that CPA certificates are becoming less relevant because most state boards have stopped issuing them. Therefore, it’s important to understand how CPA licensing is changing and how that might affect you. CPA Certificate vs […]

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CPA License Transfer: How to Transfer Your License to Another State

cpa license transfer

If you are a currently licensed CPA, can you transfer your license from one state to another? In some cases, yes, you can. Use this information to learn what conditions apply and how to accomplish a CPA license transfer. Substantial Equivalency and CPA Mobility Act First of all, most state boards allow a CPA license […]

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CPA vs MBA: Which is a Better Qualification for your Career?

Thank you to our readers for suggesting this topic of CPA vs an MBA degree. Since so many of my readers contemplate which qualification will be better for their careers, this topic is worthy of a thorough discussion. CPA vs MBA: They Lead to Different Career Paths Accountants go for a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) […]

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