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5 Types of Tax Preparers

The business world needs the specialized expertise of tax preparers. But did you know that based on their credentials, tax preparers fall into 5 categories? In this article, I’ll review each type and explain their differences. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of pursuing each according to your career goals.  Categories of Tax Preparers […]

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ACCA vs CPA (USA): Which Is Better for Your Career?

If you are an accountant and are working towards a prestigious qualification, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) may come to mind. Should you go for ACCA vs CPA? Does it make sense to get both? If you don’t feel like watching the video, here is the text version: ACCA […]

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What Is a CPA & What Does a CPA Do? The Job of a Certified Public Accountant

what is a cpa

As an occupant of the world of accounting, you probably know that the letters CPA stand for Certified Public Accountant. You may also know that such individuals possess unparalleled expertise in accounting, auditing, and other areas of finance due to their fulfillment of the CPA requirements. And with this expertise comes impressive career advantages, as […]

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CPA Salary Guide: Earning Power from Junior Accountants to Partners

Before anyone gets into accounting, it is natural to ponder about the future of the profession and the salary prospect. For those who are already accountants, the next question is whether it is worthwhile to pursue the CPA, and whether the hard-earned qualification will bring tangible benefits. Accountants love statistics and charts, so this is […]

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Why Become a CPA: The 5 Great Benefits

Why become a CPA? Well, becoming a CPA is a dream goal for many accountants. It is a designation that is synonymous with accounting for many in the field. When you get your CPA license, there are things that will open up to you in the industry that you may not have access to without […]

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Which is Better for Japanese Accountants: JICPA or AICPA?

Are you a Japanese accounting professional contemplating on a Japanese CPA or US CPA designation? Which one should I go for? Does it make sense to get both? Let’s take a look. JICPA or AICPA: Organization Structure The overall accounting/CPA organization system in the US is complicated with many stakeholders, but in terms of membership […]

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3 Golden Rules On Finance Interview Dress Code

We always want to present our very best when it comes to a finance interview or your first day of internship. Whether you are getting into a accounting, consulting, investment bank or buy-side funds, here are some tips on what you should (or should not) wear on the interview or first day of work. Please note […]

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Number of CPA in USA: Interesting Statistics and Trend

Many people have been asking about the number of CPA in the US. It is indeed difficult to find the number from the internet, and the latest data I can gather is 2006, from AGA New York, NASBA: The number of CPA in the US in 2006 stands at 646,520, versus 639,628 in 2003.” The […]

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CPA License Transfer: How to Transfer Your License to Another State

cpa license transfer

If you are a currently licensed CPA, can you transfer your license from one state to another? In some cases, yes, you can. Use this information to learn what conditions apply and how to accomplish a CPA license transfer. Substantial Equivalency and CPA Mobility Act First of all, most state boards allow a CPA license […]

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CPA with CFA, CMA or MBA: Does It Make Sense?

cpa with cfa

“I am now a CPA. Should I go for a CFA or MBA?” Well, it depends on your choice of career path. Your Future Career Path… 1. Public Accounting Only If you plan to join a public accounting firm and work yourself up to partnership, there is no need for CFA, CMA, CIA, MBA or […]

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