Big 4 Accounting: CPA Salary Guide

The following Accounting Big 4 CPA Salary Guide is complied with the assistance of CPAnet forum members. Thanks everyone for your contribution.

Accounting Big 4 CPA Salary Guide On Base Salary (compiled in December 2009)


  • Audit: $56 – 57.4K (PwC); $56K (E&Y)
  • Advisory: $56K (PwC)
  • Tax: $55K (PwC)


  • Tax: $65K (KPMG)


  • Undergrad audit: $53K (E&Y)


  • Undergrad audit: $51K (PwC)

Bay Area / LA

  • Undergrad audit: $49 – 52K (PwC)
  • Masters tax: $54K (Deloitte)

Miami / Florida

  • $50 – 51K (Deloitte)
  • $48K (E&Y)
  • $46.5K (PwC and KPMG)


  • $45K (E&Y)

Adding It All Up: Salary and Compensation for Accountants and Auditors
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    Are these salaries for entry-level jobs right out of college without prior work experience? Otherwise it seem rather low. Thank you

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