Bankruptcy and DUI Impact on CPA License

bankruptcy cpa licenseWill a past bankruptcy (Chapter 7) prevent me from sitting for the CPA exam or getting a CPA license?

That would be a decision for the licensing agency in the state in which you intend to license and or sit for the exam. Please give them a call before you proceed with the CPA exam application.

Does DUI affect CPA license application?

A more common question is whether DUI (driving under influence) affects your CPA licensing. This is generally not an issue.

I cannot speak for all the state boards but a few friend and readers who got DUI managed to get their CPA license. The state boards requires a licensee to have “good moral character”.  Good moral character is demonstrated by the lack of a history of dishonest or felonious acts. The Board considers several areas in evaluating an applicant’s moral character, and DUIs are not considered misdemeanor driving offenses.

If you are concerned about previous offenses and whether or how you should disclose this, you can call the state board and speak to a representative. If you worry about a potential bad record, calling (vs emailing) is the way to do it.

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