BEC Study Notes: Download This CPA Materials For Free!

I understand that many of you have been looking for study notes for your CPA exam, including one for BEC. Although I would be more than happy to share with you for free, they are in the form of 3×5 cards and I can’t find a way to efficiently convert the stack in electronic format.

You can instead refer to the following study notes by CPA CFA (site no longer running). Each of these notes have got thousands of views and 5 star rating (as of March 28, 2010). I understand that these notes are prepared based on Becker CPA Review.

Please bear in mind that these BEC study notes were uploaded in May 2008 and were outdated, but it could be a useful supplement for last minute study.

CPA BEC Study Notes

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BEC Notes Chapter 1
BEC Notes Chapter 2
BEC Notes Chapter 3
BEC Notes Chapter 4
BEC Notes Chapter 5

More BEC Study Notes, General Tips and Exam Taking Strategies

BEC study notes

Are you looking for extra help with your studies? I recently authored a book (published by Wiley in July 2013) with all my study tips and strategies to tackle this exam.

This book was intended for international candidates, but 14 out of the 15 chapters are relevant to all CPA exam takers.

Specifically, in Chapter 13, I outlined the important topics in BEC and divided the exam content into 8 modules. For each module, I summarized the important aspects that you should know, together with tips, strategies and how you can prioritize the final review.

There is a separate chapter on Written Communications task. Chapter 9 guides you with a “formula” on how to start your essay, develop your ideas using keywords, and professionally end with one of my concluding statement templates.

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